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About us

Deltha Pharma. All natural, all italian

Deltha Pharma was born in Rome in 2009, given the growing interest of doctors and pharmacists in the supplement and nutraceutical sector with a list of seven launch products. Unfortunately, already during the first year of activity Deltha Pharma goes through a period of severe crisis that leads it to the brink of bankruptcy, as often happens in small Italian entrepreneurial realities. In 2011, Eng. Maria Francesca Aceti, who completely overturns the modus operandi, recreating a sales network, formulating new innovative products, and implementing a debt restructuring, manages to raise the fortunes of the company within a year.

Today the company has a strong vocation towards digitization and eco-sustainability, there are 14 products in the list, some market leaders in the reference sector and is present, throughout the national territory, serving more than a thousand pharmaceutical wholesalers, cooperatives, and pharmacies throughout the country.
Since 2018, Deltha Pharma has opened to the international market, adding an export area to the company and already has established partners in many countries of Europe, Asia and Africa.
In 2021, a distribution agreement was signed with a major Chinese distributor.

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